379523_576259001511_644112484_nAlisha M. Bridges is a media/marketing professional as well as an award winning writer and community advocate. Thinking the only way she could help people was through the medical field, she originally chose Biology as her major while attending Alabama State University. She later discovered she could influence and help people with her creativity and changed her major to Communications with a concentration in Radio and Television, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts in 2010.

Alisha’s most notable work comes from volunteering with The National Psoriasis Foundation, where she has used all of her communication skills. Hiding her psoriasis for over 20 years, she finally found the courage to share her story after attending the 2011 NPF Conference in Washington D.C. There she had the privilege of speaking with Members of Congress to advocate health legislation for psoriasis research. Feeling empowered to educate people on psoriasis, she continues to strive and advocate for a cure as well as teaching others about the disease.

Most recently Alisha was invited to Rome, Italy by the International Dermatology Outcome Measures (IDEOM). There she spoke during a conference to medical professionals about what it is like living with psoriasis, in hopes to bridge the gap between doctors, researchers, and patients to increase better care for  those living with the disease.

Alisha is also the creator and blogger for beingmeinmyownskin.com, a website dedicated to her experience with psoriasis, which has been recognized by Healthline.com as one of the top psoriasis blogs in the country. Her website is described by the NPF as a “…candid look at the ups and downs of living with psoriasis. Alisha interweaves her personal stories with tips, ideas and the stories of other “Psoriasis Psuperheroes.”” Her website also helped The International Federation of Psoriasis Association in its efforts to put psoriasis on the World Health Organization’s agenda. Alisha also takes her online skills to the world as a NPF Community Ambassador, educating psoriasis advocates and volunteers on how to use social media effectively. She was also the winner of the 2013 NPF Innovator of the Year Award for her blogging and social media efforts. Alisha reaches out to members of Congress through both social media and traditional advocacy platforms, getting the message across about what matters to people living with psoriatic disease. She also had the privilege of having her life with psoriasis reported in a documentary by EverydayHealth.Com. In 2013, Alisha sponsored the first Psoriasis Awareness Month Scholarship, giving away $500 dollars to a student over-coming the disease.

Alisha has been interviewed and written articles which have been featured on media platforms including Everyday Health, Stanford University Medical Blog, Guide to Living with Psoriasis, BBK Worldwide, Siege Magazine, Disruptive Women, and University of Utah Health Care, just to name a few. Her media exposure has led to other opportunities including working with Leo Pharmaceuticals where she led a panel discussion on psoriasis, which was videotaped and can be seen by thousands on qualitycarebyleo.com. She continues to work with Leo Pharmaceuticals on several patient initiatives.

Alisha strives to help her community through selfless service. She planned, organized, and executed the First Walk to Cure Psoriasis in Atlanta Georgia as the Community Head Chair. Alisha’s first walk raised $44,000 with 300 people registered. In conjunction with the walk Alisha was also the moderator for the More Than Skin Deep: Outsmart Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis forum in Atlanta!

When asked what her purpose and mission in life is, Alisha simple says… “I honestly just want to be great and live for more than just myself. I want to serve for a greater purpose. I want to change people’s hearts and create compassion among people the least understood.”