3 Things I Hate About Having Psoriasis

1. I hate the fact people don’t understand what it is. When I was younger I use to lie and say my spots were chicken pox scars or eczema, it prevented me from explaining it any further. When I did try to tell people what Psoriasis was, I would get strange looks, and question after question. How do you expect a 8yr old child to explain what their disease is, it was too much at times. I wish more people understood and took the time to actually understand Psoriasis. People can be so cruel. But in recent months I have seen more commericals about psoriasis. Lately I’ve notice when I say to people “I have Psoriasis” they usually respond with “Oh, yeah I’ve heard of that.”

2. I hate the fact that I don’t get to wear the clothes I want. Although, I am coming out of my shell by wearing short sleeves, it’s still hard when it comes to fashion. I haven’t wore a pair of shorts in years, probably since I was 12 or 13. And swim wear??? Haven’t wore that since I was in the 5th grade. It’s really hard to find clothes that I am comfortable (I’m also 6’2 by the way.). I go to the store and I see all these cute clothes, that I refuse to wear because it would expose to much of my skin. Sometimes I see girls in the summer with their cute mini skirts and shorts, and I wish I could trade lives with them. But, life is so much more than wearing a skimpy swim suite, so I soon get over it.

3. I hate that I might have to give birth to a child with this stuff on my legs. lol I know that sounds really weird. But I have nightmares about being on the table giving birth, nurses, doctors, and family members coming in and out the room, and staring at these spots on my legs. lol

The itching, flaking, and depression that comes with Psoriasis is kinda obvious, so I wanted to talk about the things I hate that aren’t commonly talked about.

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