In the Classroom with Psoriasis


I am sexual health educator here in Montgomery, AL. One of my biggest fears is my students judging me because of my skin. Kids can often times be cruel and not as understanding as some adults.

So I was in class a few months ago when it happened. A student said to me ”You must have really bad eczema.” Now at this point, I had 3 choices… I could have avoided the situation by changing the subject. I could have lied and said that it was eczema, therefore I would not have to explain it… OR I could educate the class on psoriasis . I decided to educate the class. I told the student “No, it’s psoriasis.” And of course he wanted to know more, so did the rest of the class.

I went on to briefly tell them what the disease is, then something told me to say, “You know, Kim Kardashian was diagnosed with it not to long ago.” The whole class said “OHHHHH, YEAH.” Some students recaped the episode of when Kim found out. Then different people in the class gave their personal stories of hereditary issues in their family, such as extra fingers as one girl mentioned.

The situation wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined, and the kids seemed like they really accepted and understood my condition which gives me hope for the future. I wish I didn’t have to resort to referring to a celeb just to get people to understand it, but I will do what I have to do, to make people accept this disease.


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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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