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I’m on a journey of self discovery. I’ve decided to be a bit selfish. I’m using the energy I put into others towards myself. I’m hoping in the process I begin to love me more and a gain better understanding of who I am. One component of this process is journaling and getting to know myself more by answering different questions. Today’s writing topic prompt is:

Write about your first love- Whether a person, place or thing

Psoriasis has been with me since the age of 7. After chicken poxs, psoriasis sneaked in my life like a squatter of the night and became an uninvited resident, often times making my neighbors feel very uncomfortable and want to move. What was suppose to be a short visit by psoriasis, has now turned into a life long roommate who just won’t accept the eviction notice. I’ve tried all sorts of methods to break things off and separate myself from psoriasis’s cruel and misunderstood ways, but nothing seems to work. Psoriasis is like a gay cousin… That one thing that everyone seems to notice, but is afraid to question. For myself I was in denial about my disease. I tried my best to hide it, thinking that when I hid, no one would notice.

But although it seemed as though psoriasis was a curse it actually introduced me to my first true love… Advocacy. I love everything about advocacy. I love how it makes me feel, I love how it pushes me to be better, tells me it’s okay to be vulnerable, and gives me the tools to be strong, resilient, and encouraged. Advocacy saved my life, it gives me hope, a reason to live, and ultimately my purpose. Advocacy allows me to tell my story without interruption or judgement. It accepts me and all I have to offer, flaws and all. It allows me to live my truth. I make love to advocacy by immersing myself in all it encompasses.  Advocacy is kind, it connects people who once lived in silence, it’s giving, it heals, and it’s so much more.  Advocacy helped me to find love for myself and has taught me acceptance of others. I love advocacy with all my heart and soul. Thank you to psoriasis for introducing me to advocacy. 

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