I Once Met a Girl Named Amanda

CHALLENGE: (Health Activist Day) Best Doctor’s Visit/Hospital Stay. What made it the best? The news you got? The nurse/doctor/surgeon you saw? The results?

It was in high school, not sure of the exact year. The doctor decided to give me extensive treatment for my psoriasis. The process was interesting. They would slab me down with all these ointments, made me put on wet pajama’s, then wrapped me up in a plastic suite that I had to stay in for 8 hours. I kind of looked like the Michelin man, but only blue. lol

I stayed in the hospital for almost a month. While there, I met a girl named Amanda, she was my next door neighbor, my nurse introduced us. Amanda was in the hospital because she had just received a kidney transplant. Over those few weeks we built a friendship. Amanda’s family was about 4 hours away, so she didn’t get many visitors.

I remember us being in her room looking for a movie to watch, and we came across Dirty Dancing. She was like “what the heck is this?” Astonished by the humping aka “dancing” that took place in that movie. Her reaction was hilarious. We laughed for days about how she reacted to the movie.

We also shared our health struggles. Amanda showed me a picture of how she looked before her kidney transplant. She was about 100 pounds lighter. But due to kidney problems her body retained a lot of water weight. She looked different, but her heart remained the same.

I had an Aunt who worked at the hospital and would come take me and Amanda to lunch. My Aunt also built a relationship with Amanda.

Well, after my treatment was up, we had to say our goodbyes. We promised to keep in touch, because she was leaving the hospital soon after me and would be four hours away. The days Amanda remained there, my aunt continued to take her to lunch. Amanda even made my Aunt a bracelet to show her appreciation.

Well months later, I received a call from my Aunt telling me that she heard news from another nurse that Amanda died… Her body rejected the kidney. I felt bad, because I thought about writing her but never did. I thought about Amanda often, but never got a chance to tell her how lucky I was to have met her. I sent her parents a card giving them my condolences, and informing them how much of an influence Amanda had on my life.

Amanda was a sweet spirit and really helped me through my time in the hospital. It was a blessing to meet her, and I wish she could have stayed around to enjoy life a bit longer.

P.S. I spoke to my Aunt today, and she still has the purple bracelet Amanda gave to her 🙂

RIP Amanda!

Amanda, my cousin Shawn, and me in the middle.

** Day 23 of activist challenge. 30 post in 30 days, using prompts provided by WEGO Health. **

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