Love and the Secret…

I always thought that I would never find anybody I would be comfortable enough to share my deep dark secret which was having psoriasis. Often times the thought that came into my mind is “What will he think.” The fear of running him away, or him never talking to me again always plagued my mind, and held me back from what could have been serious relationships. Sounds familiar???

Psoriasis has played a role in almost every decision in my life, some how, some way. But it has especially played it’s part in my love life… Which now I realize was a GOOD thing… yes, a GOOD thing!

When I was younger I always dreamed of being the sexy chick all the guys wanted. This was probably a symptom of low self-esteem at the time. But the kids at school made me wake up very quickly, and convinced me that sex symbol was no where near a career option.

I was already awkwardly taller than everyone else, even the boys…  and I had these big lips… but worst of all I had psoriasis. I was teased like every other child… Not to much about my psoriasis because I hid it as much as possible. But boys still didn’t really see me as the “it” girl.

Oh, and when it came to sex? Totally out of the question! That would have meant showing my sorrows to another person, and I definitely could not have that!

I’ve had a relationship here and there, but nothing too serious. I have only told 3 guys about my psoriasis. Honestly they didn’t care, but I never really had the courage to take it there intimately because of this disease… (If you have personal questions inbox me)

That’s why I say that when it comes to love, psoriasis has been more of a good thing for me… Let me explain…

Not to say I would have been a whore without psoriasis, because I do have values… But psoriasis forced me to find true love before I gave myself to a person. While some people I knew had meaningless sex, I was the one looking for someone who really cared about me.

I was at a conference not to long ago, and the subject of sex and psoriasis came up. Someone made a comment about having sex and hiding the fact that they have psoriasis… And just the other day a person said that they had sex in the dark, so the other person wouldn’t see their body… My question to you is, if you have to hide and keep psoriasis as a secret to someone you are being intimate with… Do they really deserve you sexually?

With psoriasis it forced me to really have to get to know someone before being intimate, because if they couldn’t except the fact that I had this disease, then they damn sure didn’t deserve to have my body! If a person can’t accept your psoriasis then they don’t deserve you!

I never thought I would find anyone to love me because of my skin. I never thought I would be comfortable enough to show my body to someone and not feel ashamed… If I thought this disease was gross, how could someone else not think the same way and love me enough to see past it?

The point is, I have found  someone to look past it, and it didn’t take much at all. I now realize it’s mostly me holding myself back, not psoriasis.

Next up… On a Date with Psoriasis?

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3 Responses to “Love and the Secret…”

  1. […] So one of the hardest things about having this disease, is believing that no one will want you because of your skin. Sometimes you doubt yourself, and you may believe that no one is capable of truly loving you. This is how I use to feel. For more details about my love life read a earlier post “Love and the secret… Psoriasis.” […]

  2. October 7, 2014

    emma Reply

    Like all of you I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and HS. I am currently onot Remicade but it has not helped my HS. Three weeks ago I started the autoimmune paleo protocol way of eating and it’s made a big difference in my joint pain, in the way my skin looks and a huge reduction of the flair up and pain associated with HS. Hope this helps some of you.

  3. January 31, 2018

    Rea Perry Reply

    I’m newly divorced and far from being ready to date. My psoriasis has recently flared up, and topicals are no longer effective. My psoriatic arthritis has also worsened. I know that it’s the stress of the divorce, which has been very high conflict, but I don’t know how to minimize the stress when every day brings a new problem. And this appears to be getting even worse, as we may be back in court soon. I do hope to date eventually, but my self esteem has tanked over the past 7-8 years because of ex’s mental and verbal abuse. I don’t know how I’ll face this issue when the time comes. I dread it!

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