My Biggest Psoriasis Fears Revealed

For 15 years I hid my disease due to the fears of what others would think about the flaky, inflamed, crusty patches that invaded my skin. I hid because I didn’t feel like explaining and did not want to deal with the uncomfortable stares from those around me. Now, years later, I’m confident in speaking about my disease; I love answering questions and advocating for others.

But even with this newfound liberation, a fear remains: If/when I’m wearing clothes that show my spots, I fear that someone will take my picture without me knowing and post it on social media.

I recall seeing a picture that surfaced online featuring a man on a plane wearing a short sleeve shirt. On his arms were red, dry, patches of psoriasis. Without his knowledge, another passenger had taken a picture of his arm and posted it on Facebook. Along with the picture was a comment about how disgusted she was to be in his presence. The psoriasis community did not appreciate her ignorance or her insults, and flooded the post with accurate information and testimonies of having the disease.

To find out the rest of my fears click here.

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