OOTD: Today’s Feature, Knee High Boots and Denim

Disclaimer: Having psoriasis is tough. I encourage you to let go of shame and stop hiding your disease, but until you reach that point I hope to inspire you with outfits that make your psoriasis inconspicuous and make you feel great!

Fall is among us!! For me this has always been my favorite time of the year because of fashion AND when I’m flared I can wear lots of clothes and no one question a thing unlike in the summer. I purchased these awesome knee boots from Forever 21 (in-store) this fall for $44.90. Knee boots are a great way to cover psoriasis plaques on your leg. If you have Psoriatic disease then heels may not be your best option, but there are plenty of options without heels.

Denim Jacket | Forever 21 | $34.90



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