I’m Something Like a Spotted Butterfly

CHALLENGE: Go to flickr.com/explore and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus? Don’t forget to post the image!
Spotted butterfly by kasia-aus
Spotted butterfly, a photo by kasia-aus on Flickr.
I remember growing up a bit like a caterpillar. Some people were amazed by me, while others not so much… I was never scared of caterpillars (unlike other bugs), because I knew one day this yucky looking bug would grow into something beautiful much like myself. 
10 years ago, heck a year ago, you couldn’t tell me that I would be so candid about my disease. Psoriasis was once my cocoon, I hid in it. But little did I know I would go from this awkward “caterpillar”, to something more.
I would consider my struggles as the leaves a caterpillar eats. With each bite there comes growth, but it takes time. At first you really don’t see a change, until one day your struggles enable you to come out your cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly. 
I’ve learned that just like a caterpillar needs leaves to grow, we as people need struggles to make us who we are.
I hope you enjoyed my 4th post for the activist challenge… Today’s challenge was to pick a picture from Flickr and relate it to my health…
** Day 5 of activist challenge. 30 post in 30 days, using prompts provided by WEGO Health. **

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