The Part of Psoriasis You DON’T See


Having psoriasis can lead to other health conditions such as arthritis or crohn’s disease, but what people don’t see is the depression this skin disease can cause.

A lot of people I know didn’t really know how psoriasis affected me mentally, when actually the depression for me is the hardest part. I’ve done so well hiding how this disease makes me feel, even to family. No one knows the internal battle I’ve fought living with psoriasis unless you yourself have it and know what I’m talking about.

Just today I was at a work event, and from outward appearance, I was my normal self. But in my head I’m like “I would do this or that, if it wasn’t for my psoriasis.” It seems like no matter how much I battle this disease with coming out the closet, support groups ect, some how some way it rears it’s ugly head and affects my life.

It’s almost like the angel on the right side, and the devil on the left side that you see in the movies. One part of myself is saying “Yeah, you have psoriasis, but you are still beautiful, you can conquer the world.” While the devil is sitting on the left laughing at me “No matter how cute you think you are, you still have psoriasis,  so sit yourself down.”

Coming out with this disease and talking about it, has been therapy for me… But I still have my insecurities. I know that I am my biggest enemy. People really don’t care once you explain it, yet and still I have my reservations…

Trust me I’ve come far, but I’m far from prefect. I don’t tell this stuff to get sympathy… I tell it in hopes that someone will read this and get a better understanding of how a disease can affect someone’s life.

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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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3 Responses to “The Part of Psoriasis You DON’T See”

  1. June 1, 2013

    Todd Reply

    I think sometimes it is happened not only in Psoriasis, but at all skin problems (e.g, acne, vitiligo, etc.). Thanks for your informative article.

  2. June 29, 2013

    Angela Patrick Reply

    I am a consultant for Rodan+Fields Dermatologists. They are the doctors who created Proactive. We have a skin care regimen called SOOTHE and it helps with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, burns and other sensitive skin issues. I’d love to have you check out my website and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

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