Why I Need You to Donate to the Team NPF Walk (NEVER SEEN BEFORE PICS)


I was really hesitant to post these pictures of how my skin use to look. These picture are a representation as to when I was at my very worst with psoriasis, and it’s honestly embarrassing to even admit. This is what I hid behind the long sleeves and the long pants, and the 5 pair of stockings when I wore skirts. This is why I never went to get a pedicure or a massage or avoided pool parties at all cost. These pictures are part of the reason why I once had low self-esteem. These pictures are why I asked God “why me.”


If you love me or if you have ever been inspired by my story, PLEASE donate or join my bowling team for the Team NPF walk for Psoriasis… DONATE HERE

If you still need some convincing read on, lol…

These pictures represent hundreds of hours spent at the hospital and with doctors when treatment STILL didn’t work for me. I lived like this from the time I was 7 years old until 26 or 27 before I found medicine that worked for me. I seen over 15 different doctors, used at least 10 different treatments, and spent thousands of dollars due to this disease. Psoriasis is NOT a skin disease. It’s an auto-immune disease that affects the skin… Not only does it effect the skin it affected my quality of life, my interactions with others, the clothes I wore, and how I viewed myself. Could you imagine waking up everyday with skin like this? Dating with skin like this? Going out in public with skin like this? Just think about it for a moment. Living with this disease is not easy and many people live in isolation.

The National Psoriasis Foundation seriously changed my life. They gave me the courage to live despite my disease. They gave me the tools to tell my story and to stop being embarrassed. They gave me the ability to meet others just like me. The National Psoriasis Foundation saved my life in a sense and help to lead me to my purpose which is to help others to stop suffering from psoriasis but to thrive with it! Here are at least 10 things the NPF does to help those living with psoriasis:

Capital Hill Day
Research initiatives
Patient Navigation Center
Citizen Pscientist
Support Groups
One-to-One Mentor Program
Volunteer Conference
More Than Skin Deep Program
Be Joint Smart Program








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