World Psoriasis Day: Psoriasis Representation Through Body Art

Having #Psoriasis definitely has it’s challenges. I’ve been accused of being contagious, having other diseases like eczema, having a fungus, and so much more. A few weeks ago I had the honor of being invited to New York to be painted by Natalie Fletcher Paints  the winner of Skin Wars !!! She has psoriasis and knows the struggles of what it’s like to have the disease. Having psoriasis is hard but having it has a black woman also has it’s unique challenges. I’ve been misdiagnosed by doctors because my disease didn’t look like the description given in a text book. I shared this story with Natalie who decided that since my journey with psoriasis was so unique she would paint me with something that was rare and in uncommon in nature, so she chose these beautiful orchids.

I looked up orchids to learn more about this beautiful flower and found out that these flowers are easy to distinguish from other plants. They stick out among the rest and are easy to identify. My life is eerily similar to that of an orchid, I always stick out due to my height, features, and most of all my psoriasis! The comparison is something I was not aware of until weeks after my body paint experience. Also Purple Orchids  symbolize admiration, respect, dignity and royalty, all things I strive to live out each and everyday.


My trip and time spent in New York was sponsored by Novartis


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