Your Skin is Ugly…

I’ve had psoriasis since the age of 7. A bad case of chicken pox ignited my skin disease and psoriasis now covers about 90% of my body. I’ve always been self-conscious about it, but a few years ago I started to break out my shell. I was at work one day, and decided to take a break. I went outside to get some fresh air and to steal a few rays from the sun. I was sitting on the trunk of my car when a co-worker approached me. At first, the guy was asking me regular questions like was I in school, and what was my major.

About 3 minutes into the conversation, he asked what was on my hand (My hands are slightly covered with psoriasis). (Now if this was just a few months earlier I would told him to get out my face for even asking me, it was real easy for me to get offended when someone asked about my skin.)  So I begin to explain what my psoriasis is and how it affects the body. Now with all that said, he looks at me and says, “You know you’re a pretty girl, but your skin is really ugly.”


img_392311I can’t even describe the feeling that hit me when he said that. I was more hurt than mad. The nerve of him to walk up to me and to think that it was okay to make comment. It wasn’t even the fact that he told me my skin was ugly, I was hurt because he told me something I already knew and believed. The hardest part to accept, is that some people will love you for who you are with your skin disease, while others will discriminate against you solely because of your skin condition. I tried so hard to cover up my skin and to make it inconspicuous. But when he walked up to me, I knew that my efforts had failed.

After he made his comment, I told him to get out my face. He tried to revive himself, but the damage was already done. I went into the bathroom at work, and cried. I called my grandmother and then my husband. My hubby was ready to come up to my job and teach the guy a lesson, but I stopped him, it would have served no purpose. I would still have psoriasis, and the comment would have still hurt me.

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