God Cursed You…

“That’s why you got cursed with your skin disease, God don’t like ugly…”

These were the sentiments from a man I went on a date with a few weeks ago. I believe his sentiments were a combination of feeling rejected, anger, and maybe hurt. Dating is already hard, but doing so with a chronic illness adds an additional pain (no pun intended). In my experience dating with psoriasis has made me more vulnerable but also more precautions on who I deal with on a romantic level. I’m usually very open about my disease and in the first time in 23 years of having psoriasis, this was the first time someone I “dated” (we only went on one date) ever used it as a tool to hurt me. Here is a quick glimpse of what took place:


The entire story is some what long and exhausting, which would be explained with a few screenshots but it’s not worth it for this blog. But in a short version there was no chemistry and I don’t think he appreciated the fact I wasn’t interested which I believe aggravated him. I get it, rejection is a hard thing for all people. A lot of men are use to women swooning over them due to looks, status, or money, I honestly could careless if the vibe isn’t right.  A few days after sending him his money back and officially ending things he decided to come on a public Facebook post of someone I am friends with in attempt to embarrass me. His most insulting statement was “That’s why you were cursed with your skin disease…” It is kind of disheartening as adults we can’t part ways amicably and without spite, but everyone deals with disappointment in their own way.

In an odd sense that moment was liberating for me. I didn’t cry, I wasn’t mad, I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I took joy in the moment of no longer being controlled by what others have to say about me in regards to my disease. It was truly a liberating feeling. Had this been 5 years ago I would have cried and felt sorry for myself. But today, I understand malicious and mean comments speak to that person’s character and has nothing to do with me, so I celebrate in my new found confidence.

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