Treat to target… What exactly does Prosoria tackle?


I’ve lived with psoriasis for over 20 years and I’m constantly on a search for a product which will alleviate my body from the itchy, flaky, inflamed skin that accompanies psoriasis. When my psoriasis was at its worst it covered around 90% of my body. I’ve tried every treatment option under the sun to rid myself of this disease. There is a terrible misconception that psoriasis is a skin disease, this is false. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease; the plaques of inflamed and dry skin are caused by an overreactive immune system which happens to affect the skin. Due to psoriasis being skin deep it’s been a challenge for me to find a treatment which really penetrates the skin and rids me of the plaques which haunt my body. There are a variety of ways to treat psoriasis and most popular, safe, and cost-effective options are topical treatments. Prosoria is a new product for psoriasis and is unique in that it’s a combination approach which includes a 3-Step treatment and ends with a night time ointment. I was somewhat apprehensive of using something which includes 3 steps, but once I tried the product and learned what each step targets, my initial thoughts changed. Another thing that intrigued me is you only have to do the 3-steps once a day, so there is no need to reapply through the day like other topical treatment options.

So, what exactly does Prosoria tackle?

The Hydrator

The first step is the Hydrating and Conditioning Gel. I love this step because the product is thin, has a fresh feel, and isn’t heavy. Its job is to hydrate the dry and flaky plaques of psoriasis. It lives up to its claims. When I rub the gel over my plaques it gives them the appearance of how your psoriasis looks right when you exit the shower, the dry look of the plaques is decreased. Having moisturized skin helps it to be penetrated better by the next 2 steps.

The Eliminator

The next step is the Psoriasis Treatment Gel. This helps alleviate the red inflamed skin caused by psoriasis. Its unique formula helps to deeply penetrate the skin to eliminate symptoms of psoriasis including redness, itching, fissuring, and irritation.

The Moisturizer

This 3rd step does exactly what it says. Its purpose of the Exfoliating and Moisturizing Cream  is to both to moisturize and  exfoliate the flakes and scales of the skin. It also traps in the moisture from the first two steps.

The Booster

The Rapid Relief Exfoliating Ointment is to be used before bed. This works over night to help trap in moisture into the skin and minimize the flaky, dry, inflamed skin of psoriasis.

With regular use you can see a difference in your skin by a week and typically people experience complete clearance generally within 6 weeks to 4 months of daily use. I use Prosoria along with a biologic. Even though I’m on an injection I still battle with flares in between shots, so I use Prosoria as a supplemental treatment. Anytime I have a flare and use Prosoria the flare disappears in 10 days or so.


So, would you be willing to give this new 3-step regimen a try?

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