YOU BE THE JUDGE: Prosoria Vs Eucerin

You know what’s frustrating? Most topical treatments for psoriasis. The most effective options are usually thick, greasy, smelly, and stains my clothes. There is nothing worse than dressing up, feeling cute, then looking down only to find a huge grease stain, from the ointment you slathered yourself down with, embedded in your blouse. Psoriasis comes in the form of thick, inflamed, flaky patches of extremely dry skin. Those of us living with psoriasis need lots of moisture, which primarily calls for very thick moisturizers in the form of creams or ointments. The other frustrating component of topicals is you usually need to apply 2-3 times a day for it to be effective.

Recently, I was approached by the creators of Prosoria, a new over-the-counter treatment system option for psoriasis. As you can imagine I was a bit hesitant on trying a topical, but they provided free samples, so I decided to give it a shot. Currently I am on a biologic, but tend to encounter annoying flares every few months in between injections. Besides the concerns of will Prosoria work, I had 3 major immediate concerns:

  • The consistency of the topicals (is it petroleum based? Gel? Or Cream)
  • The amount of time it takes to fully absorb into the skin
  • Grease residue… Will it stain my clothes?

Prosoria is a 3-step system which includes a nighttime restore cream.

Step 1: Hydrating and Conditioning Gel

Step 2: Psoriasis Treatment Gel

Step 3: Exfoliating and Moisturizing Cream

Nighttime Booster: Rapid Repair Skin Exfoliating Ointment

Steps 1-3 are to be used once a day, and the nighttime restore cream can be used at night before bed as needed.

To test my above concerns, I used the 3-step system and compared it to a common over-the-counter remedy for psoriasis, Eucerin. I love Eucerin because it moisturizes well and eliminates flaky and cracked skin from psoriasis, but it’s very greasy and stains my clothes.



Steps 1 and 2 of the Prosoria system are gel base, lightweight, and has a very light botanical scent you hardly can smell. Step 3 of the system is more of a cream base, but is also lightweight and has a very mild botanical scent as well. The Nighttime Booster Rapid Relief has a petroleum base so it’s a bit thicker than the first 3 steps. I don’t mind the nighttime booster being a bit more heavier in consistency because it’s applied at night before bed, thus I don’t have to worry about it staining my clothes. Below are pictures of each topical. Each step is to be applied sequentially.






Thick consistency with creamy petroleum base.



My other concern was how long would it take the products to absorb into my skin! I put all 5 products to the test! Check out the video below to see which one disappears into the skin the fastest.

Prosoria Step 1: 10 seconds
Prosoria Step 2: 11 seconds
Psosoria Step 3: 12 seconds
Nighttime Booster Rapid Relief: 15 seconds
Eucerin: 25 seconds


I applied the 3 step system Prosoria to my left arm and Eucerin to my right. I put on one of my favorite blouses to see if Prosoria would leave grease marks, I already know Eucerin will do so. As you can see below, on the left is the sleeve which was on the arm where Eucerin was applied, and the right sleeve was on the arm where the Prosoria was applied. Eucerin left a stain but Prosoria did not. Below is the shirt I used to verify if product would stain clothes. The color difference is due to the lighting. The up-close shot is on the left sleeve where Eucerin was applied.



Although Prosoria is a 3-step process I like it more because it absorbs fast, it’s lightweight, is virtually scentless and will not stain my clothes. Eucerin is usually my go-to product. It’s a great moisturizer and is fragrance free. Although Eucerin is great with alleviating some of the symptoms from psoriasis, the fact that it’s thick, takes forever to absorb, and stains my clothes is a nuance I dislike and could live without. So… Who is the ultimate contender in this first edition of “You be the judge?” Find out below!



**This is a sponsored post but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are 100% my own**


Prosoria received the Seal of Recognition for the National Psoriasis Foundation. Later this month I reveal exactly what that means, stay tuned!


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