Psoriasis Psuperhero of the Month: Autumn S. (From Previous Blog)

Here is the very first Psoriasis Psuperhero for the month of October! This is a young lady I met via Twitter… She is very confident with her condition and I loved her for it. Thank you for being so open about this and who you are!

Name: Autumn S.

Age: 18

Location: Oak Hill, WV

Age when diagnosed: 11

3 words to describe your journey with psoriasis: Hard, Inspirational, Life-Changing.

Most challenging moment involving psoriasis: This summer, I was at a city pool in Virginia. One of the life guards came up to me and said “What is that on your arms and legs, Is that poison ivy,” she proceeded to drill me with questions in front of everyone at the pool. I explained to her that it was psoriasis, and of course she didn’t know what it was. She then said, “Well some of the parents are complaining and asking about your skin”, and hinted that she didn’t want me back in the pool. At this time, I was still a minor, and felt as though it was better if I not say anything. My mother, who was back home in WV, called the pool and complained. The life guard told my mother that she had not said it the way I was explaining it, of course my mom knew better. This was one the most embarrassing moments in my life. This incident made me feel very insecure about my psoriasis, and for a month, I wore nothing but hoodies and pants. I wasn’t until one day I told myself that I have to stop caring about what people say. The way I see it, if they don’t like what they see, they can turn their heads. My psoriasis is not my fault and there is nothing I can so about someone else staring.

What advice would you give to new diagnosed patients: Don’t see your psoriasis as this horrible disease, if you do you will be constantly upset.  See it as a way to educate people on your condition.  And people will stare, a lot, don’t cover up! When people stare, just look back. Be you! Be comfortable in your own skin. Everyone has something to deal with, yours is just a little noticeable!

What has been your biggest challenge with having psoriasis:
 The constant itching, cracking, and bleeding.  It gets very bed in the winter.

Treatments you’ve tried or are currently using: Methotrexate, Steroids, at least 7 creams including Protopic, and Vectical, Dermasmooth, Cetaphil, and currently waiting on my insurance to approve Remicaid.

How are you conquering psoriasis and not suffering from it: I have had to not feel sorry for myself.  It used to not be that bad, but it’s so noticeable now that I have to deal with it! Its come down to overcoming it or letting it overcome me! I have the type of personality that outshines my psoriasis.  It would be a lot harder if I didn’t have the type of personality I do.  I wear normal clothes, and dress just like everyone else.

(Here’s a pic of Autumn at her highschool prom)
 Shake it girl!
Looking good girl! See how Psoriasis is NOT stopping her
from having a good time?

1 out of 7,000,000

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