Psoriasis Psuperhero of the Month: Justin W.

Again another great advocate I met through twitter. Often times we exchange medicines that work for us or just have a causal conversation. This is the Psoriasis Psuperhero for the month of April, everyone welcome Justin W.!!!!

Age: 28

Location: Dallas, TX

Age when diagnosed: 23 (I have had it since 16, just went to get it treated at 23)

3 words to describe your journey: Trying, learning, & teaching

How do/did you tell a person you were dating about your psoriasis, how did they respond: I was already married when I was Diagnosed, so my wife has been threw it all with me!

Who is your biggest support when you are having a hard time with psoriasis (Mother, brother, sister, support groups ect.): My wonderful Wife, Rena!

What advice would you give to a newly diagnosis patient: Be strong, keep your head up.

How are you conquering your psoriasis and not suffering from it: Right now, I am entered in a study for psoriasis, I am testing some new meds! I have also entered in a DNA study to help test our DNA to see the differences in those with Psoriasis, and those without. My goal is to do anything I can to help find a cure for Psoriasis!!!

6 out of 7,000,000

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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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