Psoriasis Psuperohero: Thomas D. (Youth Edition)


Age diagnosed, Age now: 6/13

Location: North Haledon, NJ

3 Words to describe your journey: It’s cool, important and fulfilling

Can you remember a time when you  had to defend yourself in regards to psoriasis? What was that situation and what did you do to defend yourself: Well some kids are really mean about things like psoriasis, but I don’t really let them bother me. If someone says something  ignorant about my scales, I turned it into a class on psoriatic disease and what it means to have scales on the outside and arthritis on the inside.

How does psoriasis affect your quality of life and how do you overcome it: Every time I feel down about having psoriasis, I just think I’m probably not even the worse one off with psoriasis. Right now, I am just working on trying to find a cure, not just for myself, but for everybody including my mother.

How are you conquering psoriasis and not suffering from it: I’m a scout, for example. So I camp, I swim, which is really good for my skin and also my psoriatic arthritis. I boat, I hike, I canoe… and also I shoot rifes, shotguns, bowing arrows, and everything else. Also I bowl… I just got a kayak for Christmas so I can’t wait for spring to try it out.

Some parts of the interview have been edited to help with fluidity

Author Description

Just a girl with psoriasis.

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