CLOSED: The #LoveMySpots Scholarship Contest #Psoriasis

The  #LoveMySpots scholarship contest is sponsored by and is open to all persons with psoriasis who are living a quality life despite their disease. How are you conquering your #psoriasis and not suffering from it? Here are the rules to enter:

1. Have psoriasis or psoriatic disease
2. Provide a letter of declaration from doctor
3. Provide a class schedule from the college/university you are where you are enrolled.
4. Must have a least a 2.5 gpa.
5. Must be within the U.S.
7. Must create a 1-5min youtube video with the Tag: Love My Spots and link it as a response to this video!

Contest is open to all areas of study. The deadline to enter is August 31st at midnight. Contest winner will be announced on October 29th for World Psoriasis Day!

The winner will receive a $500 scholarship which you will receive in the 2015-2016 SPRING Semester!

Send required documents to

Check out the video I did for World Psoriasis Day in 2012:

Check out the 2013 scholarship winner:

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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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