10 Things People Assume About Psoriasis




1. It’s contagious… No, but if you really want proof, rub my leg, wait 3 days and see what happens.

2. Clear skin is as simple as some Vaseline and vitamin E capsules… If only it was that easy. Do you know how many people with psoriasis who would be walking around looking like they’ve been dipped in a bucket of chicken if it was that simple?

3. It’s ok to stare… I don’t know if people actually think it’s ok to stare, but people do it all the time. Sometimes I wish I could get a tattoo on my back that says “Calm down, it’s just psoriasis… For more information go to Psoriasis.org” But I don’t know how that would look on me 50 years from now!

4. It’s chicken pox’s… Yeah, because most people walk around in the grocery store, and go to the pool with an outbreak of chicken pox. (Sarcasm)

5. Telling someone you’re dating about your psoriasis is as easy as telling them your name… “Guy: Hi, I will like to get to know you… Girl: Hi, my name is ____________, and I have psoriasis, nice to meet you.” Not saying a person CAN’T do that, but it would be a bit awkward!

6. That you some how you choose to have scaly skin… I always hear comments like,

“How about you put some lotion on it?” Huh, yeah I would, but I actually like these spots all over me, gives me a somewhat of an exotic look. (Sarcasm)

7. It’s poison ivy… Nope, unfortunately my condition is not as simple as calaminelotion and a wet cold press, but I digress.

8. You can use the same things they use… Trust me I love Victoria Secret lotion just as much as the next woman, but my skin doesn’t.

9. It’s easy to wear what you want despite the psoriasis… Ok try this, take a red marker and draw different sized and shaped spots ALLLLLL over your body, wear some clothes that don’t allow you to cover up, go to the store, go the pool, go to a park with a bunch of people and see how they respond.

10. That you are some how the spokes-person for psoriasis… I’m comfortable enough to talk about my disease these days, but some people aren’t. Please gauge a person’s comfort level to see if you should continue the conversation about their disease.

Ok, so there is a bit of sarcasm in this post… But if you are facing any of these assumptions that people make, the best way to battle it is by educating them about your condition. If You don’t feel comfortable enough to go into details, simply tell them it’s a non-contagious condition and they can go to psoriasis.org for more information. I’ve honestly been thinking about getting some business cards about psoriasis and passing them out to people who I see staring! lol

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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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6 Responses to “10 Things People Assume About Psoriasis”

  1. August 23, 2012

    Cathy Pilkinton Reply

    Hi I just found your blog and already in the past 10 minutes I can totally relate to you! I have had the big P since I was a child and I’m now almost 37. It’s nice to have someone else actually acknowledge the mental and emotional affects that psoriasis can have on you. Thanks for starting this blog!

  2. August 5, 2013

    Deanna Kindhart Reply

    I Seriously Love This!! I was diagnosed as a child and I am now 35. It is awesome to find women talking about this in a positive way!

  3. February 8, 2014

    Collins Collins Reply

    I wanted to die. First discovered my psoriasis when i turned 26. at the risk of sounding vain, I’d spent my entire life caring about and putting a lot of effort into how i looked. and suddenly, almost overnight it seemed, my outer appearance wasn’t so beautiful anymore. I hid. I cried. I didn’t understand why. and i buckled under the stress. it’s been 4 years now, and although it’s gotten better I still find it very hard coping with it and opening up about it to others. I tried everything. from pills to light therapy my entire life seemed to revolve around my psoriasis. its changed who i am. how i look at myself. sometime i don’t feel so beautiful anymore.

    • February 8, 2014

      marieb411 Reply

      Trust me I know exactly how you feel. Having psoriasis taught me that there is so much more important about a person than appearance. It has definitely been a humbling experience. Please email me at alishabridges@hotmail.com, I would like to speak with you more and talk to you about resources.

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