8 Reasons to Love Yourself

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When you love yourself…

You will be less depressed
When you feel down and out about yourself then it will most likely affect other things in your life as well. You may stop yourself from doing things you love because of issues you have within. But if you know who you are, self-confidence will increase and depression will decrease.

You can love others more efficiently
I believe to have a successful relationship with family as well as a spouse, you must first learn to love yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself how can you have enough energy to truly believe in others.

You will feel better
Loving yourself enables you to have more faith in yourself to achieve goals. You will feel good and motivated.

You will feel more confident
When you feel better about yourself, you also become more confident. This will start to show through the way you talk and the way you dress. When I started to feel more confident about myself I started to attract more positive people.

Mean or rude comments won’t bother you as much
When you know who you are, no one can tell you otherwise. So if somebody has something mean or rude to say, you can just laugh it off. If you already know who you are, negative comments should have no big effect on you.

You will have more self-respect
When you know who you are and you accept yourself it makes loving yourself easier. You realize your self-worth, and how people should treat you.

You will be able to accept your flaws
When I started to really and truly love myself, accepting my psoriasis became a lot easier. Before I found self-love I was always comparing myself to others and believing I was never good enough to society’s standards.

You will take better care of yourself inside and out
When you love yourself, you will take better care of your health. You will want to eat right and exercise.

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One Response to “8 Reasons to Love Yourself”

  1. June 4, 2013

    John Redfern Reply

    It took me 12 years to realize that until I could love myself in my skin I would never love anyone else.

    So I went 12 years single and depressed, drinking and smoking in excess to forget my psoriasis worries.

    But thankfully as you get older, you get wiser and begin to understand that a major mind shift is required that will make you stronger and more confident. The knock on effects are huge, as the more positive you are, the less stressed you will be and better you skin will be because of it. In my opinion It also opens your mind to trying new unconventional things to improve your standard of living.

    Best Regards

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