Seven Tips for Self-Improvement with Psoriasis

Self-awareness and improvement of self are important factors when managing life with psoriasis. Take a look at these seven tips to improve both! Do you have another favorite tip that wasn’t listed here? If so, place them in the comment section of this article or visit the HealthCentral Psoriasis Facebook page to share your thoughts.


Do yoga

Stress is a huge factor for a lot of people with psoriasis. Not only does life itself cause stress, but it’s stressful to have psoriasis – stress that can aggravate the disease. Yoga has many health benefits, which include keeping the joints healthy, helping to maintain mental health, and improving cardiovascular health, ALL factors for people with psoriasis. Check out Psoriasis HealthCentral Social Ambassador Julie Cerrone’s tips on yoga for psoriatic disease. You can do these exercises right at home.


Go to therapy

I honestly don’t understand why there is such a stigma for mental illness. I think we all suffer from it in some way, like the common cold. Some people have more severe forms and require more help than others, but at some point we almost all encounter depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

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What helps your with your self-improvement? Answer in the comment section below.


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