If You Have Psoriatic Disease, It’s Time to Share Your Story

I Once Hid in Shame

If you frequent my social media pages then you know I’m a huge patient advocate for those with psoriasis and chronic illnesses. This wasn’t always the case though. I hid my conditions for over 20 years out of fear that people would not accept me or think I was contagious, which is the story for many with a visible disease like psoriasis. Throughout my life I have face some challenging moments, which hurt at that time, but I would later would become paramount in sharing my story.

I Found the Courage to Speak Out

A few years ago I found the courage to speak out about my story and I would have never imagine it would be so helpful in assisting others with having the courage to speak out as well. It’s truly been a way of therapy for me.

Here’s Your Chance to Share YOUR Story

Currently I am a patient recruiter for Healthcentral.com a website dedicated to raising awareness for a variety of health conditions.

They  are currently recruiting those with psoriatic disease to share their story on what it’s like to live with such a painful chronic illness through our project “Memo to Me.”

“If only I knew then what I know now.” Who hasn’t thought about the advice we’d give to our younger selves? That’s particularly true when it comes to our health, something we really take for granted when we’re young. Memo to Me will give you that chance, capturing your thoughts in short, personal videos. Maybe it will be inspirational, or poignant, and even funny! HealthCentral’s producers, working with professional videographers, will record the your words of wisdom and feature them on their website.

Take a look at people we are currently featuring by clicking here.

Once I started to share my story I found that I wasn’t as alone as I once believed. I also realized that people weren’t disgusted by my skin like I thought and actually emphasized with me. A lot of my friends and associates had never heard about psoriasis before hearing my story, but because I decided to “come out the closet” they made it their duty to learn more. This is why you should tell your story!

Additionally I love the fact that even after I pass away, my story will continue to be told and never get old because it was recorded and will always remain.

If you are interested in sharing your story, start the process by filling out this form.

If you would like more info about the opportunity please email me at Alishabridges@hotmail.com.

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