Tip of the Day: Spray on it…

Have you ever received some cologne or perfume as a gift, really loved it, but didn’t want to use it due to your sensitive skin? Well I have a simple solution for you!

Instead of spraying directly on yourself, spray it on your clothes before you put them on. Allow about 5mins for the spray to dry, then get dressed and go…  Some people can spray the smell goods on their clothes while they are on, but I find that the alcohol still seeps through my clothes and can irritate my skin.










**I am not a doctor, just a psoriasis “conqueror.” All reviews given are based off of my opinion, and I have not been paid to do this. I used my money to buy items. If you are interested in any advice, tips, tricks or items found on the site, it is best to talk to your doctor and to use caution before trying anything new. If you have anything you would like me to try please message me with details.**

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Just a girl with psoriasis.

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