Tips and Tricks for Dressing with Psoriasis

I love fashion. I like to dress with style. But at times, having psoriasis can make it difficult to dress cute and feel comfortable. I have not come to a point with my disease where I am comfortable with “letting it all out” and baring it all for the world to see. I’m completely fine showing my skin to people who know I have psoriasis (family, friends, coworkers), but I’m not comfortable going into places with complete strangers and showing off my skin.

For most psoriasis patients, summer time is usually the hardest. It is a true challenge to look cute and cover up, all while trying not to over heat, but it can be done!

Fabrics to wear

Since I don’t like showing my skin, I have to choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. But sometimes this can pose a challenge. Lightweight fabrics include polyester, Nylon, and spandex, but these fabrics tend to not allow the skin to breathe.

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