You Must Have These Items if You Have Psoriasis

Check out these items everyone with psoriasis can benefit from. Do you have any other suggestions?

minilintrollerMini Lint Roller Those with psoriasis shed skin excessively, especially those with scalp psoriasis. Many people with the disease have stated that they avoid wearing dark colors due to flakes appearing noticeably on clothing due to psoriasis. I keep a mini lint roller close by to roll off flakes from my clothing or surrounding areas such as my car seat.

First Aid Kit Psoriasis can cause a person to have really itchy, dry, and inflamed skin. ThereFirstaidkit have been times where I’ve scratched so hard I broke skin only to find a stream of blood rolling down my leg. I’m sure others can relate. I keep a mini first aid kit filled with antibiotic cream, Band-Aids, and alcohol wipes for those moments where I scratch a bit too hard.

Mini car vacuum Mini car vacuum There have been times I’ve entered my car only to find a heavy layer of flakes that I accidentally and unknowingly left behind. It’s a good idea to have a mini car vacuum that has a plug compatible with your car for those moments that flakes get loose.
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